#normcore advertising?

This ad for Dockers khaki pants grabbed my eye and confused me immediately. "Open a can of khaki?" What does that mean? It seems to be wanting to align the wearing of khakis with drinking beer in a kind of #dadcore way (though "Wear the pants" is a kind of retro-paternalist invocation that lacks enough irony to appeal to anyone who isn't already concerned with appearing in control).

My question though is, would this ad work? Who is the person who wants to break out a pair of khakis and a beer and be paternalistically in control who doesn't already do that? Also, why the reclaimed wood background? My guess is the ad is trying to capture some kind of ironic hipster segue-ing into #norm/dadcore, but I don't think it 'gets' the relevant demographic.

On final thought, maybe what this ad is about is the fact that reclaimed wood now IS normcore, like the khaki of design materials, instead of its other.