Interview Roundup

With all the big tech firms testifying this week in front of Congress, there have been a lot of new, big media stories about Facebook and-- as many journalists have asked me-- "what to do" about it. I spoke to Max Read at New York Magazine for this terrific story about Facebook's epic and unsettling power, and gave a comment to the New York Times for this piece on "How to Fix Facebook."

The quote I gave to the New York Times is about what I actually wish I could have: a "vintage Facebook" setting, circa 2008 or so. I wouldn't be surprised if something like this exists on the internal servers, hacked together by some engineers to run 2007 code. Facebook was so clean-looking then, without like buttons or large Promoted stories. Lots of white space and simple fonts. To have a version of Facebook like that to toggle to in 2017 would be so refreshing.