On incoming book queries

I’m getting a fair few queries from reporters lately about the book I wrote in 2012, The Boy Kings, which is about a heady time in the history of technology-- the years 2005-2010 at Facebook. These were intense, fascinating, thought-provoking years for me and for the company and-- despite the fact that every tech company says this-- it was a time and a place that truly, deeply ended up changing the world. As a longtime writer* I wrote about these years in order to describe the issues of power in technology that have only become more pressing in the years since. 

If you are a reporter contacting me because you are interested in my thoughts on that time or about the book itself, I recommend reading it first before asking for comment, as many of the answers to your questions are contained in the text. I loved writing about that moment in technology and since then, I have loved hearing from readers about how the book has made them think— whether about tech culture, life in tech, or their own feelings about technology. This is/was the book’s purpose, and so I’ll let it speak for me, as it was intended.

Yours truly, 


*I am currently writing mostly about design/tech/culture for various publications, and prior to Facebook I was writing a thesis at Johns Hopkins about the U.S. literary reception of totalitarianism in the 1960s.